Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The first week

The first week on my new program has gone well. Our session last week included our weigh in, getting our materials and having a class that went over the program. They showed us how to use the shakes, what your nutrition should be with the added fruits and vegetables and our dietician went over the other stuff you can add to the shakes and meal replacements. We were all new to this and there were some good questions. My class includes about 15 other people and I think that I am the youngest in it. There is another woman around my age that I know from other social events and a good friend of mine is there as my "partner." Its nice to know at least one other person and we have been keeping in touch and encouraging each other via IM. Most of my class includes some older women and some men. Mostly us girls though. There is one guy in there and he is probably in his 70's. We had to go around and introduce ourselves and share something about our lives. I noticed that most of the women kind of apologized for themselves and said things like, "Hi, my name is fatty and I'm here because I like to bake." Well no shit ladies. "My name is fatty boombatty and I like to eat too much and thats why I am here". The guy in his 70's was a pain in the ass in the initial sign up session and frankly I was surprised to see him show up for class. He brought his wife with him and I thought at first that they were doing the program together but alas, I was wrong. He started his welcoming by saying that he was sickly, had high blood pressure, diabetes, etc and that his wife was here to learn how to make him do the program?! So here is my beef-If you have to have someone come and learn how to MAKE YOU do the program then where the hell is your own accountability for yourself? If you want to lose weight it has to be your own decision. I am hoping he/they are not a detriment to the class but if he keeps yammering on and making his wife do everything for him I am going to have to call his ass out on it.

After class I decided to start right that afternoon. I had made up my mind and didn't want to do one more night of eating junk. So that's what I have been doing. It was difficult at first which every new diet is but it didn't really help being home with the kids and around food all day. It has been a little easier to be here at work and busy. The National Baby Food Festival was in town last week as well and usually that would warrant a trip to the ol' elephant ear stand but not this year. I took the kids down for an afternoon with my parents but we didn't treat ourselves to any Carney creations. Not only did I save 1800 calories but I didn't get any STD's from a dirty Carney stand! Yeah me! Cayman liked watching the other kids ride rides but wasn't very interested in anything but her grandma and swinging on the swing set. It was nice. On Saturday the big parade was happening so we headed down and met up with my parents once again for a kick ass parade. I don't know about parades in other towns but they might as well call this the candy parade because holy shit, my kid was bombarded with tootsie rolls and so much garbage! My mother sat with her and literally every float/car was a politician with crappy candy and a "vote for me!" The kids were like rabid sugar fiends on the side of the road just waiting for their next fix. And to top it all off, a lot of the time they throw this hard candy towards you. Like, throw it hard. So you can be pelted with your next yummy treat. Cayman doesn't really get into candy so she was fascinated with all of this Halloween like atmosphere. But wouldn't you know, when Ronald McDonald came by on his convertible McDiabetes car she screamed out, "Wonald Ma-Donald!!!!" How the hell does she know who the he is?! I may be Fatty Boombatty but we seriously have not been to a McDonald's in a long time. She doesn't even like the food when we go. Play land she likes. McNuggets she does not. And in defense of the television she likes Nick Jr so we don't see a lot of commercials. I don't know where she knew him from but holy shit was that scary. They probably have him in school or something? Learn your ABC's with Ronald!

Overall, I had a great week and am feeling pretty good. I got my workouts in, my husband has been very supportive and I am figuring things out. I weigh in tomorrow and will post my first week picture. I'm hoping for a good number!

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