Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day One-For realz

Today I go to my first meeting. I'll weigh in at noon and finally be accountable for the shit I have been eating. I have been referring to today as my start of Rehab. Its like I am Lindsay Lohan but without the jail, prescription meds and fame. But I am really excited! In the last two days some really incredible things have happened at work for our company and to top of the fabulosity of everything, my two year old daughter POOPED IN A TOILET after asking to go "poopin." I said to my brother in an email today that I may just be a skinnier, richer, and less crap on my hands kind of girl soon. I'm almost a vision. Today I woke up thinking that today was the first day of a new life and I can't help but think that a new attitude on things has resulted in some of these good things happening.

So, as to really start and be accountable here is a picture of me, today. Because this IS me today and this is my start and part of the journey for me is to be okay with myself at every size and to look forward to a new future where I am healthier and happier. I will be posting a pic of myself weekly for the next 20 weeks. Thanks for the encouragement!

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