Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Seven Weeks

Phew! Its been forever since I posted last but thank you Tami for keeping up on me! My progress has been good. As of today I am down 16 pounds! I definitely feel better and have been receiving a ton of compliments that has really helped my motivation. It has not been easy. Not in the least but I am still hanging in here and loving digging out all of my new clothes that I have not seen in ages. Once I brushed the dust off of some of them they actually still look cute. Yeah me. Class is getting really good lately too but I think I have some major nympho's in my class. This one woman brings up doing new positions and all sorts of crazy stuff now that she is "thinner." Its pretty funny. Today when I said I turned 30 last week and am at my wedding weight she yelled, "second honeymoon huh honey?!" Which then turned into all sorts of nonsense from everyone else. The old annoying guy next to me under his breath said, "these people are animals" to his wife but I really think she is jealous because that dude obviously can't get it up still. He gained 3.4 pounds today but I don't think he will ever get with the program. Heres to another great week!

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  1. Congratulations Lola!! I can totally see a difference in your face from the the first picture to now:) Keep it up!!!